Zoot Sports Women’s Active Tri 8-Inch…

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RunRat I am 5'3" and 165 lbs. (and counting!:) and the size M fits great. Being "soft" I'm conscious about shorts giving me a chub. Although these are small off of you, they stretch just great and give me minimal chub while being very comfortable and still fitting. The padding amount is good for cycling and not annoying while running. I have yet to compete in them but do not doubt their performance. My only complaint is that when I received them, the "Zoot" sticker on one of the legs was already peeling off. A little disappointed about that, but didn't think it was worth it to exchange. Fabric and seams appear to be sturdy and have held up fine. Good price and length as well.


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Zoot Sports Women’s Active Tri 8-Inch…

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